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Kingsbury Lawn Care

Lawn Care & Lawn Treatment Service

Having a beautiful home is something to be proud of. Your front lawn is usually the first thing that people see when they visit, so maintaining lush, green lawns is a vital part to every garden and every first impression. 

As an award-winning lawn care service we are passionate about providing unrivalled results to you and your garden. 

Our qualified and experienced team bring the knowledge, products, machinery and results of a professional greenkeeper straight to your home. Don't just take it from us - view our extensive reviews to hear from those that matter most. The health of your lawn couldn't be in better hands.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme, along with our specialist lawn treatment services such as Lawn Renovation (aeration, scarification and overseeding) will help in making your grass the envy of your neighbourhood.

This image is of a large lawn benefiting from lawn services with one of of vans in the background
This image is shows the same lawn in the weeks following it benefitting from our lawn care services. The grass is very healthy and thick

Premier Lawn Treatment Services

Seasonal Lawn Care Service

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides complete year round colour, health and controls for an attractive outdoor space to enjoy.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Early Spring

Premium Spring Starter Fertiliser

Moss Control Application with Product Enhancer

Late Spring

Semi-Organic Late Spring Fertiliser

Granular Soil Improver

Weed Control Application


Drought-Safe Summer Fertiliser

Spot Weed Control Application


Semi-Organic Autumn Liquid Fertiliser

Granular Soil Improver

Moss Control Application with Product Enhancer


Winter Moss Control with Product Enhancer

Why Choose Our Lawn Treatment Service?

See below for more of what makes us different, but in short with us you gain:

11 treatments per year with just 7 of those chargeable for exceptional value
Pet safe treatments that are kind to the soil and the environment
FREE technician survey and assessment with first treatment (worth £97)
Includes instant technician report with every treatment
Includes seasonal customer updates - we build partnerships
Unlimited office support - expect excellent customer service
Guaranteed results within 14 days of your first visit - no risk to you

This image is of the UK Lawn Care Association logo with the backdrop of a lawn which receives lawn treatment services


We have been members of the UK Lawn Care Association since 2015. We are committed to the highest standards of lawn care - a service which carries high levels of trust with our customers. 

Our Story
This image shows a deep green striped lawn following a recent lawn care service visit


We are delighted to be highly valued by our customers with amazing feedback which can be viewed online. We relish working with homeowners to provide outstanding value and ongoing advice.



Knowledge is power. Our small team have a turf management background or extensive lawn care training. We provide a service which could not be replicated by a franchise.

Our Team
This image is of a large garden which continues to benefit from lawn care services. It's a large lawn with deep green stripes


Your lawn is part of a wider ecosystem - the environment is at the heart of what we do. We are in a minority of operators who are Lawn Assured accredited with product use and customer care ingrained in our service.

Natural Lawn Care
This image is of a lawn which looks fantastic aided by our lawn treatment services

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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