Lawn Fertiliser

Maintaining the quality of your lawn

Lawns need treatment all year round.

Weeds, moss and diseases are a continuous threat in our largely cool, damp climate!

What is Lawn Fertiliser?

Lawn fertiliser is food that we apply to lawns. It is produced in both granular and liquid forms, but we largely use granular feeds due to their enhanced longevity in the soil. Professional lawn fertilisers last for 2-3 months, meaning we can provide year-round lawn nutrition from just five visits per year.

Lawns need feeding to reach their potential. A slow-release food source improves the health, colour and vigour of the grass plant. A fertiliser programme helps lawns to outcompete weeds and moss and benefits lawns through stressful weather conditions or continuous use.

Regular applications of a lawn fertiliser are required as nutrients are used by the grass, all the more so during periods of strong grass growth. Nutrients can also leech through the soil following a period of heavy rain (eg winter months) making an early-spring application important.

Professional fertiliser applications in spring, early summer and late summer are key in any successful lawn care programme.

before fertiliser
after fertiliser

How do we apply Lawn Fertiliser?

We use two types of spreader, these being handheld and pedestrian. Our handheld spreaders are ideal for small or irregular shaped lawns. Our pedestrian spreaders are for larger lawn areas and are commonly used on sports grounds.

The use of a calibrated spreader is vital to making an accurate fertiliser application. The granule size of fertilisers will vary along with the spread width and setting of the applicator, and the walking speed of the operator. All of these will have an impact on the rate at which the product is applied and its spread pattern.

We have seen products applied via both spreader and hand with undesired results. For a healthy lawn, it is vital that the correct level of micro and macro nutrients are applied per year, and at the correct time.

Our team are NPTC qualified for the purchase, storage, transport and use of plant protection products. Kingsbury Lawn Care is also independently audited annually as part of the BASIS Lawn Assured Scheme for complete peace of mind for our customers.

Why do we need to fertilise lawns?

Lawns require a level of nutrition in order to reach their potential. Nutrients leech through soils following prolonged periods of rainfall, and nutrition is used by the grass when growth is strong, particularly in Spring and Summer.

With our often mild and wet winters, it is vital that your lawn gains a drip feed of nutrition all year round to support healthy growth and recovery.

DIY vs Professional Fertiliser

​DIY products are available for application to lawns which contain quick-release nitrogen sources. They are sometimes combined with a granulated ferrous sulphate, and can provide a lawn with a rapid green up. However, staining and scorching can also occur quite easily if the fertiliser is not used at the correct application rate or in the correct conditions.

Lacking slow-release nitrogen, these products must be reapplied every 2-4 weeks to see sustained results. This frequent application can overload a lawn with a fast-food diet and have negative consequences such as increased thatch production, which in itself can lead to a variety of costly issues.

On the other hand, Professional fertiliser products are coated, delaying the release of nutrients, and preventing the lawn from burning should rain not arrive immediately - something that we are called to correct often via a Lawn Repair and Renovation. The drip-feed of nutrients that these products provide means no flush in grass growth, and year-round health and colour for your lawn.