Referral Scheme

Sharing The Benefits

Small businesses depend on word of mouth - we would greatly appreciate your help. If you're happy with our service to the point that you would recommend us to friends, family and neighbours, then we would love the chance to help them and their lawns whilst giving you something back.

How It Works

Our referral scheme is really simple. After checking that your friend is happy to be contacted by us, leave us with a means of contact for them. From there we'll assess their lawn recommending the correct course of action as we've done with your own. Should they choose to become a customer of ours, after their first lawn treatment we will have already:

- Provided your friend with a generous half price first lawn treatment if carried out with their lawn survey, up to a maximum discount of £25 for larger lawns.

And will be:

- Providing you with £20 credit for your next lawn treatment

- OR, we will donate this £20 on your behalf towards Cancer Research UK 

It's as simple as that, and there is no limit to the recommendations you can make. You can use our contact form below, providing a means of contact for your friend in the notes to get the ball rolling.

How We Work At Kingsbury Lawn Care