Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Does your lawn provide the first impression that you desire? Does it struggle to live up to expectations? For the best results, all lawns require a source of slow release fertiliser.

What is the Lawn Care Treatment Programme?

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme provides the professional layer of care required for a lawn to reach its potential. Mowing the lawn frequently is important, but the thousands of plants that make up your lawn require nutrition in order to flourish. 

DIY products provide a short-lived boost to your lawn but do not contain the slow-release, more environmentally friendly food sources of professional products. Utilising slow-release products, we can provide a leading lawn care programme from just five visits per year. Our service can make mowing the lawn a joy once again! 

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme Means: ​

  • No requirement for inferior DIY store products
  • No need to store a number of different products such as fertilisers and pesticides
  • No risk to family, pets, or your lawn in under or over-application
  • No more lawn care research required - leave it to the experts
  • You can get on with more important things while we gain superior results for your garden

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Treatment 1

Spring Starter fertiliser & moss control

Treatment 2

Early-Summer fertiliser & weed control

Treatment 3

Late-Summer fertiliser & weed review

Treatment 4

Autumn Soil improver & moss control

Treatment 5

Winter Moss control & conditioner

Five Step Programme

Our five-step Lawn Care Treatment Programme ensures that your lawn is cared for year round, with particular attention paid to lawn nutrition, moss and weed control, along with boosting soil health.

Our programme has been, and continues to be refined to provide nothing but the maximum value within each of our visits. Customers who work with us experience vastly improved lawns which are thick and healthy - a green centrepiece of your garden to be enjoyed from your chair, living room or for the benefit of the family. 

Bespoke Lawn Care Service

We understand that every lawn is different. From our position as an independent lawn care provider, we are able to tailor our service to the requirements of your lawn.

We know that the way your lawn looks is a matter of personal taste, which is why we ensure that you’re a part of the plan - our qualified technicians email a personal 'Condition Report' following every visit, allowing us to work as a partnership for the best possible results.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme is an extra layer of maintenance for your lawn and garden. With each visit carefully designed for the season, there is never a bad time to start making a difference. See the results for yourself by getting in touch today.

Water Conservation

Watering lawns isn't for everyone. For many it's an environmental hurdle; for others it's time consuming. It's important to remember that there isn't a magic potion to stop a lawn from going brown over a dry spell - only regular water can do that.

We work with our customers to get the very best out of their lawns by encouraging the raising of mower blades, and watering away from the heat of the day. To help alleviate the problems of lawn drought stress and localised dry patch, we apply a specialist granular Water Conserver twice per year.

This granular product provides the longevity that we seek in professional lawn care, versus a liquid. Our Water Conserver enhances the effectiveness of both natural rainfall and occasional watering of your lawn by up to 20%.

This means that your lawn is to stay greener for longer in a period of extreme weather and, should it still brown, recovery will be far quicker on the other side. In an extreme year it could be the difference in avoiding more labour intensive lawn renovation work.

Watering lawns isn't for everyone. It may be viewed as time consuming or an environmental hurdle. We work with our customers to get the best from their lawns at all times, even in drought periods. From raising the height of mower blades and watering at the appropriate times of day, there are plenty of pointers we can share.

However, water is essential to all life and a dehydrated lawn will start to go brown without regular access to water. We also know that conditions aren’t always perfect for a flawless lawn, which is why we apply a specialist granular Water Conserver twice per year on drought-prone soils.

Our Water Conserver enhances the effectiveness of both natural rainfall and occasional watering of your lawn by a proven 20%. This provides protection during periods of heat and drought whilst also aiding your lawn back to its former lush appearance if any damage occurs, and may prevent more labour intensive renovation work saving you money in the long term. See it as a lawn care insurance policy! 

Our Soil Improver is a soil amendment containing plentiful gypsum. This product makes soils more friable (easily crumbled), improving the deeper rootzone when applied following aeration - thereby continuing the aeration process in granular fertiliser form.

Much of our service area is on clay based soil. Having plentiful experience on clay soils, we know how to get the best from them. Unfortunately our Lawn Care Treatment Programme or Soil Improver can't solve major drainage problems alone - for that machine work would be needed for the best results.

For troublesome clay based lawns, we carry out Autumn Aerations followed by a Soil Improver application at a high rate on an annual basis for continuous improvement. For lawns in need of scarification, this application works well in combination. 

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