Natural Lawn Care

The Sustainable Way

There is little doubt that there is growing awareness of our individual environmental footprints. How Kingsbury Lawn Care operates day to day, and the products we buy and use for our lawns is no different.

As a 21st century business looking to enhance our outdoor spaces, we care about the difference we make.

Natural Lawn Care - What We Are Doing

As a 21st century business, we are almost paperless in our operations. With the nature of our service, we utilise vans to travel between properties to deliver our lawn treatments. We reduce road mileage as much as possible by:

  • Not covering more postcodes than we can manage
  • Use efficient routing of calls. We use sophisticated software to plan our routes, treating lawns nearby to each other on the same day
  • Minimising trips required to our yard. Technicians often go to their first call from their homes, and typically carry enough stock to treat lawns for a number of days.
  • Using the best transport for the job. We use our most fuel efficient, cleanest vans for the highest mileages. We keep the viability of new electric and hydrogen powered vans, along with their net environmental impact under review.

We also:

  • Do not print invoices and other paper documents. We email both condition reports and invoices to customers
  • Avoid sending our waste from the yard (e.g., fertiliser bags) to landfill. Our general waste is sorted and recycled in full

Big Lawn Care Treatments

Weed Control ‚Äč

We are a responsible user of herbicide. Any professional user of herbicide is required by law to be NPTC PA1 + PA6 qualified to purchase, store and apply certain products. As one of the few accredited BASIS Lawn Assured companies, we happily go further than the legal minimum, undergoing regular inspections. Your lawn is in safe hands.

We only blanket spray lawns for weeds where our experienced operators deem this suitable, and only ever within label application rates. We spot treat for weeds where possible to reduce the amount of herbicide used. These selective herbicides are very safe products once mixed in water, and are completely safe, when dry, for non-grazing pets and children. We advise keeping off lawns for 2-3 hours following our treatments as an extra precaution.

Semi-Organic Fertiliser Application

  1. Semi-organic fertiliser range (NEW for 2023)
  2. Lower nitrogen inputs - kinder to the soil and environment
  3. No polymer coated fertilisers (micro-plastics)
  4. Stabilised nitrogen - slowing the uptake for the grass unlike DIY products, reducing leeching of nutrient
  5. Suitable buffer zones near water
  6. Not recommending products / services that your lawn doesn't need
  7. Continued professional development for our team working with our suppliers and the UK Lawn Care Association. We're at the heart of the latest industry developments

Water Conservation

Many of our customers are wary with the use of mains water on lawns. It's always a detailed topic of conversation with a range of environmental standpoints. It's important we put water use in context with watering other plants and washing cars.

We encourage the application of our Stress Buster Treatment twice each year on lawns where the soil is very light, for south facing gardens, or where watering is challenging. This product works to keep the surface tension of the soil low, accepting up to 20% more rainfall and irrigation during the most stressful months for your lawn. This product works to make water more efficient for your lawn, meaning that less water is needed overall to get the best results.

It is worth remembering that there is nothing which will stop a lawn from going brown apart from water in a hot dry spell. Our Stress Buster and Lawn Care Treatment Programme works to keep your lawn green for as long as possible in times of drought stress, and works to allow for a quicker, stronger recovery as soon as rain returns or water is applied.

We provide our customers with monthly advice emails and tailored condition reports following our visits and can advise on mowing frequency and height of cut for the best drought tolerance. In many cases, working in partnership with us means that less, not more water gets applied to lawns. 

What about Lawn Disease?

Red Thread is a common lawn disease which enjoys mild, wet passages of weather. Unlike some other services we won't sell and use a quick-fix fungicide treatment which is not required within our Lawn Care Treatment Programme. The natural elements within our treatments, the range of cultural services available, and the ongoing tailored advice we provide to our customers is plentiful to combat lawn disease - and at no extra cost to you. 

Lawn Renovation Specialists

As true grounds professional we are passionate about our range of mechanical services in creating the best possible lawns, whilst also minimising chemical use. Creating the best possible grass cover is vital in keeping weeds at bay. We carry out Lawn Renovations to both tired and fine lawns by undertaking all important aeration, scarification and overseeding. Reducing thatch levels, and compaction in the soil enables both water and nutrients into the soil during times of high stress, and enables for a thick, resilient lawn year-round.

Whereas the investment and research into electric vehicles has been extensive over the last decade, this technology has unfortunately not yet fed through when it comes to professional-grade lawn care machinery.  It is something we as a business regularly review, and will be considering as soon as the options are available to us.

The vast majority of our work and lawn treatments are either labour intensive with minimal environmental impact, or are through the use of natural or semi-organic products, which when used together will gain the very best from your lawn. We do not constrain ourselves by attempting to provide a 'fully' organic service, instead priding ourselves on a considered, proactive approach to professional lawn care.