Moss Control Services

Moss is one of the most common issues facing UK lawns – you can thank our largely cool and damp climate for that!

Fortunately, you can take the power back. With our unrivalled moss control services, we’ll soon have that unattractive, lawn-stifling moss replaced with luscious thick green grass.

The trick is to tackle the underlying root cause (quite literally!), rather than the symptom. Once we’ve got on top of your moss problem initially, we can limit its return through our annual Lawn Care Treatment Programme.

Our qualified lawn technicians will have your garden transformed into that healthy, green oasis in no time at all, so you can stop worrying about moss and start thinking about who you’re going to invite round for your next BBQ.

Treating and preventing moss through good lawn care

Moss is incredibly common in UK gardens because most varieties thrive in damp, shady conditions and where drainage is poor. This is a particular problem where soils are predominantly clay.

All lawns need essential basic maintenance throughout the year to keep them looking beautiful. People often make the mistake of neglecting their lawns during the cooler, wetter months, but this is when moss really takes hold.

For most lawns, moss can be sufficiently kept at bay through our annual Lawn Care Treatment Programme, which includes moss control services as standard.

Moss likes poor, weak, grass cover, so the regular application of lawn fertiliser throughout the year strengthens the grass and makes the lawn more resilient to moss takeover.

Moss Removal Services
Moss Control

Treatment Of Moss

Unlike DIY products, we use slow-release fertiliser, applied at intervals during the year, to give your lawn a steady supply of the nutrients it needs to thrive throughout the seasons.

As well as regular fertilisation, we also specifically treat for moss during our autumn, winter and spring visits to your garden. These treatments dehydrate moss during the dampest months to halt its growth.

The treatments also feed grass to give it that vibrant green colour and improve its resistance to diseases such as Red Thread disease.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Treatment 1

Spring Starter fertiliser & moss control

Treatment 2

Early-Summer fertiliser & weed control

Treatment 3

fertiliser & weed review

Treatment 4

Autumn Soil improver & moss control

Treatment 5

Winter Moss control & conditioner

What if there’s more moss than grass?

While you can never eliminate moss completely, you don’t want to let it take over your lawn.

If moss is a particular problem in your garden, we might recommend tackling the underlying causes through lawn renovation. This involves removing the moss using lawn scarification, followed by aeration and overseeding.

Find out more with your lawn care survey

We offer a complementary survey and assessment with your first treatment with one of our qualified lawn technicians. We’ll recommend the best moss control services needed to get you that picture perfect lawn you desire.

Kingsbury Lawn Care is an award-winning local business, accredited by a number of industry bodies. More than that though, we’re passionate about creating healthy, beautiful lawns in a more sustainable way, and will never recommend anything you don’t need.

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