An All-New Lawn Fertiliser Programme!

It’s been quite a ride over the last couple of years with pandemic, the cost of doing business crisis, and the reduced supply of fertilisers. We have been incredibly busy across the autumn to provide solutions which both increase product quality and apply the brakes where it comes to costs for both ourselves and our customers…

And we're confident that we've cracked it!

Upgraded Professional Lawn Fertiliser Range for Kingsbury Lawn Care!

The cynic here could be thinking – come on, you’ve just changed some products. What is newsworthy here? 

Allow us to elaborate on the magnitude of these changes along with the vast research and supplier discussions that we have been completing across the second half of last year… these are exciting times!

Early-Spring Premium Lawn Fertiliser Treatment

A high quality spring fertiliser application is a vital application for any lawn specialist in an successful lawn maintenance programme.

We were happy with the results we were gaining from our previous spring fertiliser to the point that we stuck with it for 2022. However, the cost increase of this product had got to a point where it wasn’t worth retaining the product and have to pass this cost on to our customers. We had soaked up a huge increase for 2022, but this given fertiliser has increased by a whopping 76% in less than a 2-year period! The results from this fertiliser were great but not that great!

We’re delighted to be switching to a product with an even better nutritional analysis, and from arguably the leading supplier in both the sports turf and lawn care industry.

This product includes an increase in water soluble phosphorus (needed for root development), magnesium (for a lovely colour) and calcium (soil structure and enzyme activity). This fertiliser is containing specially selected technology for quick reaction in cooler conditions, and encourages healthy balance growth at the start of the season. When combined with our final moss control application of the winter, we’re onto a huge winner here.

This image is a close up of a hand held lawn fertiliser spreader containing a granular fertiliser as part of our lawn services

The granule size will also be smaller and more consistent, thereby providing an enhanced fertiliser coverage per metre squared and therefore more consistent uptake from the grass.

We complete all of our ‘Early-Spring’ visits by the start of April, so don’t delay to avoid missing out on these vital nutritional building blocks for your lawn. That final moss control application is going to be vital with a great deal of moss this winter. After gaining options from a number of suppliers this early-spring starter fertiliser couldn’t be packed with more value for the health of your lawn.

This image is of a lawn in fantastic health with a small garden to enjoy aided by a lawn treatment service
This image is of two lovely dogs on a lawn with a Kingsbury Lawn Care award!

We're looking forward to some fantastic results this year. As ever our fertiliser products are fully pet safe - even for Billy and Bertie!

Our Late-Spring Semi-Organic Lawn Fertiliser

Before we start our ‘late-spring’ fertiliser cycle, we can be sure that we’re going to have plenty of mechanical work to complete between these visits following the conditions of 2022! We discussed the reasons behind moss being so bad at the moment in a recent article.

Our late spring semi-organic fertiliser is a vast step up in quality for 2023.

We’ve used a nitrogen based granular feed at this stage in previous years. It produces a lovely colour and flush of growth, but given the stressful summer conditions and very little other nutrient in the bag we feel that this product isn’t sitting correctly with who we are, what we stand for and what we look to achieve with our lawn care programme.

This fertiliser contains more of everything(!) in comparison to previous years with just a small drop in the level of nitrogen. It’s a far more balanced fertiliser application and perfectly suited across April, May and June. It will provide a denser, thicker lawn than in previous years without quite the flush of growth, with shorter and thicker grass leaves. Increased phosphorus and potassium will be a huge help to lawns which have revived spring mechanical work, or should hot conditions be on the way to aid drought tolerance.

This fertiliser contains a full range of trace elements and its organic fertiliser properties means that there is no risk of scorch in dry, warm conditions. Maybe the best upgrade to our lawn care service upgrade lies here.

This image is of a large lawn benefitting from a lawn treatment service with a spreader in the foreground ready to apply a fertiliser treatment
This image is of an attractive hidden garden receiving lawn services

It's not just the products getting an upgrade as we head into 2023 but we've a new fleet of spreaders on the way to execute the perfect applications!  Our Earthway's are great for medium to large lawns such as these in Sutton Coldfield and Solihull but were starting to get a little tired

Summer Semi-Organic Fertiliser

We have a further exciting semi-organic product that we will be applying to our lawns from late June until August.

We gained great results with synthetic, coated products at this time of year previously, with us using polymer coated fertilisers. With this polymer coating being a micro-plastic it’s future is in doubt and looks to be phased out over the next couple of years. It’s important that we move with the times - we don’t want these micro-plastics sticking around in our lawns.

The organic matter content within a further semi-organic balanced fertiliser is going to help unlock the best from products already applied earlier in the year. The potassium content of both our spring and summer products is going to aid lawns through periods of drought stress as they did in 2022, along with additional elements of sulphur and magnesium to be sure our lawns get the best nutritional balance possible across the main growth months.

Can you tell that we’re excited yet?!

Autumn Lawn Care

We’ve been using a semi-organic professional lawn feed within our autumn treatment to brilliant effect over the last two years and look forward to doing so again. 

Some lawn care services will only use a moss control in the autumn / winter months. We want to create the very best value for money with every visit and with warmer, longer autumn periods we feel that it is important that a feed element is applied to aid the lawns against moss and disease.

This image is of one of our lawn experts in the distance making a lawn treatment service application
This image is of a new lawn aeration machine ready to carry our lawn repairs and lawn renovations

Constructing a leading lawn care programme isn't all about granular fertiliser. Everything must work in harmony to include liquid applications which are included in autumn, winter and spring and all important aeration. This image is of one of our new aeration machines for 2023, and better still it is suitable for gates as narrow as 65cm!

Why Use Organic-Based Fertilisers?

Our climate is changing, in terms of the economic environment, future legislation and how we want to service our customers from an environmental standpoint. Synthetic fertilisers are energy intensive to produce thereby a high requirement for fossil fuels. Given the needs of our environment and all the more so with global events, we have to question which fertiliser products we want to be buying in bulk as we grow as a business, now more than ever.

We have come across many lawns in our time where the soil life has been damaged by the overuse of nitrogen-based fertilisers, and not enough mechanical work carried out. We will always have price sensitive customers when it comes to mechanical work, but we want to be sure that the ghastly lawns that we come across from time to time have never been aided by ourselves, only fixed.

In short, for 2023 we have:

  • A better nutritional balance for our lawns not only across the year but with each application, creating healthier grass
  • More magnesium in our programme, thereby more colour for the grass
  • A huge increase in organic properties, thereby promoting an improved soil health and reducing our carbon footprint
  • No polymer coated fertilisers - preparing for the future and also reducing our carbon footprint  
  • An enhanced programme on a number of levels with the highest quality products and anticipated results 

Besides fertiliser, what else is new for this year?

With the speed of our development in recent years, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that the answer is a huge yes!

With this new, far more sustainable lawn treatment programme in place, we want to take the opportunity to really bring the lawns to life that we work on by including more opportunities to carry out aerations.

Our products will go hand in hand with aerating the soil – the mechanical way of breathing life into our lawns. The additional phosphorous and potassium in our programme will be quickly mobile and readily taken up by the grass roots when combined with spring aerations.

Again, with the increasing trend for more extreme weather conditions and hotter summers, these products and aerating lawns prior to the onset of drought stress is going to make for increased heat resilience for our lawns.

This image is of a close up of lawn aerator spikes. Aeration is a key part on lawn care services

Aeration is vital on clay soils for enhanced surface drainage, rooting and nutrient movement

We want to be able to carry out far more preventative work against localised dry patch, fairy ring and soil compaction, rather than see these issues on the other side due to us not communicating well enough the huge benefits that annual lawn aeration brings to a lawn care programme. 

Lawn Fertiliser - Can We Help? 

I hope you’ve enjoyed a far more technical blog post this week. It’s an insight to how passionate we are about extracting the very best value for you out from our service. It’s a belief of ours that we must keep learning and developing as a service. To stand still is to head backwards.

We have our busiest year to date ahead. If there’s something lawn related that we may be able to help with, feel free to pick up the phone for a no-obligation conversation to see if we’re a good fit to help, or just complete our enquiry form for a call-back another time.