Early Spring Lawn Care - First Lawn Treatment Impact!

We're forever saying that there is never a bad time to start enhancing the quality of your lawn with a lawn care treatment programme. 

Each treatment in our cycle brings it's own benefits. In this short post our lead technician, Stan, explains what he loves about this time of year, our early-spring treatments, and why they are not to be missed out on!

A Soggy Winter for our Lawns!

For many, weeds and moss in lawns are a constant bug bear - a darn right pain in the grass! Even if we are following the correct mowing and maintenance procedures, we can’t escape the onset of moss and weeds as a consequence of our typical autumn and winter climate.

Our lawns are starting to emerge from what has been a soggy four months. People often ask me which treatment in our programme they will see the biggest impact from, and for me this is an easy answer; our Early-Spring treatment. This is my personal favourite treatment in our cycle. Not least because, being a nature lover myself, we see the weather change and beautiful gardens filled with snowdrops, crocus’, daffodils and blossom on the trees.

During this treatment, we are awakening lawns out of the winter gloom with a combination of fertilisers, moss suppression and in a lot of cases, an early weed control too! Within a matter of weeks, a lawn can transform from a tired, weed and moss infested patch to a lush green space that can be enjoyed as we head toward the warmer months where progression will be continued.

If your lawn struggles with any of the persistent problems highlighted in this post, or you are about to mow for the first time this year and want to see a rapid improvement in your lawn's overall health, then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our instant estimate tool allows you to generate a price within a few clicks, all from the comfort of home.

We look forward to servicing you and your lawns very soon!


This image is of Jack, Stan and David before hitting the golf course at the recent UK Lawn Care Association Conference

UK Lawn Care Association Golf Day, Tewksbury Park, January 2024. Jack, Stan and David (from Pristine Gardens)

Stan carrying out a spring lawn treatment near Atherstone, Warwickshire on a lovely sunny morning
Stan's lawn treatment van which is spotless!

Left: Stan carrying out a liquid moss treatment on one of our lawns in North Warwickshire. This application forms part of our Early-Spring visits for all of our lawns. This is carried our from mid-February through to mid-April. 

Right: Stan is a huge advocate of being a tidy workman. For him, this starts with his van which is very rarely dirty!

Below: The Kingsbury Lawn Care Team Spring 2024. Stan's van again, clean even in February!  

The Kingsbury Lawn Care Team with Stan pictured at the front

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