Kingsbury Lawn Care Goes International!

If you want a good lawn this spring do this NOW

In January I became a lawn care YouTube guest and a podcast guest in the same day following a kind invite from Robbie at Premier Lawns Northern Ireland. 

Robbie's channel is the biggest lawn care YouTube channel in EUROPE with approaching 80,000 subscribers. With the launch of his new podcast "Roots to Revenue", he also wanted to sign me up for some filming of a super video on his own lawn near Belfast!

This video is a longer one of Robbie's, however it features no less than four guest lawn care professionals in a video which provides heaps of value in how to get ahead with your lawn in early spring.  

The video starts with one of our mentors, Richard Salmon discussing soil science, differences within soils, grass types and the benefits of aeration, with myself pitching in from around 7:25 with some key late winter / early spring lawn care advice.  

I was very enthusiastic to cut some grass - check out the video for more! 

NEW - Lawn Care Business Podcast 

Robbie's new podcast is called the 'Roots to Revenue' podcast where he is interviewing not only guests who have successfully grown a lawn care business, but a range of business professionals in an attempt to help as many small businesses as he can.

The four guests within the video have recorded a podcast with Robbie but I will refrain from sharing more! I'm looking forward to the conversations that he shares in the coming months. 

Robbie wanted to tap into how we have grown to become a multi-van lawn care service - far too broad a topic I said given all the facets of business! We went with what I felt was the most important thing when growing and providing a lawn care service - and that is people. 

We're fortunate that as a company we have been able to attract, retain, develop and reward an outstanding team in recent years. There is only so much one person can do in any small business - I'm lucky to be surrounded by high-achievers who love what they do, and care for our customers just as well if not better than I can! 

I hope that my conversation with Robbie can go a long way to helping fellow small business owners when looking to navigate recruitment, company culture and onboarding in their early days - and do it better first time around than what I used to! 

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