Lawn Care Coventry, Warwick and Leamington Spa

We're delighted to have been serving customers across Coventry and Warwick postcodes in its entirety for the first time in 2022. We're grateful that our reputation as lawn specialists continues to carry further each year. Within this article we meet our latest addition to the KLC team who'll be looking after our Coventry lawns!

Lawn Treatment Service Coventry

We are Growing!

Upon reaching 2022, we simply couldn't bring ourselves to turn away any more work in the south west of our coverage area. It's always nice to be able to refer customers to fellow UK Lawn Care Association members when they are too far out for us, but Coventry, Warwick and Leamington Spa was never too far away!

With our nicely situated CV9 base, and hundreds of happy customers across Nuneaton, Bedworth, Bukington and Kenilworth, we had reached a stage at the start of the year where we were in a great place to head further into Warwickshire, despite increasing fuel costs - we really were just up the road. As the proud Federation of Small Businesses Micro Business of the Year 2022 our timing couldn't have been better on this one, as it's only right that we cover these lovely West Midlands postcodes also.

We attended the FSB Coventry and North Warwickshire ‘Business Bootcamp’ back in March of this year and it was fantastic to hear of the green credentials that Coventry boasts, and to get to know and work with some of the business owners which help in making this area what it is.

This image is of a large lawn following a summer lawn treatment service
This image is of our latest lawn expert Mark with of our our specialist lawn aerators ready for action
This image is of a large front lawn recently mown with stripes deep green in colour largely thanks to our lawn care services and ongoing maintenance

Mark Walker (centre) and a couple of our new lawns near Coventry left and right coping with the dry summer well

A New Lawn Care Technician for Coventry and Warwickshire... 

Since our awards win back in May, we have moved from strength to strength in recent months with us helping more customers in a Coventry postcode, along with welcoming a new member to our team in Mark Walker! Mark is situated in Nuneaton so is perfectly positioned to get the very best from our Coventry and Warwickshire lawns. We've every confidence he will grow into an excellent addition to our team in the coming months. He will be spending the coming weeks out with Jack and Stan as part of our biggest autumn lawn care programme to date. You can learn more about each of our award-winning team here.

We’re currently working extremely hard carrying out lawn renovations in the form of scarifying, aerating and overseeding tired lawns in need of additional love prior to the autumn rains, including at many properties in and around Coventry and Warwick.

Lawn Aeration Coventry 

This is a short clip of our Groundsman aerator in action a few months ago at Atherstone Grove Bowls Club. We have supported ‘The Grove’ with a sponsorship board for several years and more recently with the turnaround of the green across the last 12 months.

The bowls club play in the Coventry league on a Saturday with both men's and women's fixtures most days of the week. They're now enjoying a far superior home green surface to last season and when this short video was shot in March! We put together a dedicated article with what has gone into this turnaround which has been our most popular blog post to date.

This image is of a bowling green being cut near Coventry. This lawn benefitted from a full restoration service in the autumn

Dry Coventry Lawns Need Help Now!

As you can see this is the specialist aeration machine with it's fine turf credentials (along with being a good workout for my Dad!) as we look to rehydrate lawns and improve root strength after a tough year. 

As you can see from this soil sample to the right taken from a lawn in Warwick this September, recent rainfall is yet to aid deeper rooting, only awaken the conditions for moss development on the surface while the grass struggles on a little longer. Deep holes via aeration this autumn / winter is a big preventative of moss growth in lawns, and goes hand in hand with our moss control applications.

If we can be of help before a moss problem develops on a compacted lawn you can contact us over the phone or via hitting the button below and leaving us with a few details.

This image is a close up of a dry soil core. Lawn maintenance programs help to stop the soil from getting to this point with poor grass rooting