Lawn Care From Across The Border!

This blog post comes courtesy of Dan at Dan Frazer Gardening. He has been running his lawn care and garden maintenance business since 2009 and has always tried to keep his business moving forwards. His business, is based in Lenzie, covering Lenzie, Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs and Bearsden/Milngavie and North Lanarkshire. Here are some of his tips to help you have a great lawn.

Lawn Care From Across The Border!

Don't Cut It Too Short

I never cease to be surprised by the amount of people who cut their grass too short. I think it stems from this image of a bowling green as being the ultimate fine lawn. 

However, this is NOT what gardens are supposed to look like, and causes a lot more problems. I always try and have customers cut lawns on a medium to high mower setting, so that when they push their fingertip onto the ground, the grass blades are between their knuckle and first finger joint. 

Grass is a plant and it wants to grow. It needs green leaf to do this, to convert sunlight into the necessary nutrients and feed the roots.

Ease up on the moss/weed/feed granules

Overdosing a lawn with these all-in-one products isn’t good for them, or the environment. The metallic elements within moss control products can cause imbalances in the soil and lead to layers of decaying matter that inhibit the grass, and discourage worm activity.

Aerate as often as possible

Domestic lawns are usually walked on a lot and the soil gets compacted. The most effective way to deal with this is by aerating the lawns with a petrol spiker. You wouldn’t be over-aerating a lawn even if you did it every 4 weeks, though in practice, twice a year is a good amount for most gardens.

Water in dry spells

This isn’t always an issue in a Scottish summer but when there’s a long dry spell, occasion watering will keep your lawn in good condition.

Mow regularly

Mowing the grass doesn’t just cut it short; it also encourages side shoots to grow, which makes the lawn thicker. Doing this once a week will give you a great looking lawn, as opposed to every 3-4 weeks. Get a bigger mower to cut down the time taken and you’ll be more likely to mow it more often.

Use local lawn firms

A local lawn care service relies on a very close community of customers who will no doubt share their experiences with their friends and neighbours. They will spend less on advertising and therefore NEED to retain customers’ long term. 

The only way to do this is by doing their job well. It’s no secret that national lawn companies need to fill the quiet spells in their diaries with lawn work that really should be done at a different time of year. Check online reviews if you are looking for great value lawn care service. 

Knock a neighbour’s door if you see someone working in their garden and ask if they would happily recommend them. You’re likely to get a truly customised lawn care plan from a local lawn treatment company, rather than have the exact same treatment as every other customer on a national firm’s rounds. 

Even if we have another year of weather like last, there’s no reason your lawn shouldn’t be in its best ever condition in 2020.


Thhhis image shows a striped lawn with a Dan Frazer logo who is a local lawn treatment service