Lawn Care Services Best Kept Secrets...

There is no magic potion to achieving a great lawn. Much of the success you see is due to a well thought out programme and excellent homeowner care. However, there are certain applications that we make that break the lawn care service industry norm and I thought you may want to hear about them here... 

Lawn Care Services - The Old Way

We're a bit tired of hearing about quarterly 'weed and feed' from yesteryear. It is a good thing that these typically high nitrogen, micro-plastic coated fertilisers are being banned from production shortly. Have you ever come across fertiliser granules which after months still exist in the grass? I have and they are still existing in our water courses too. 

Equally, selective herbicide is required to control weeds, but not on a repeated, blanket application approach. Fortunately the majority of lawn care services have since moved away from pointless spraying of chemical! 

There are other ways of caring for a lawn in the 21st century where product use can be tailored and results superior due to deeper product consideration and an understanding of the lawn.

In this article I'm going to share all the details on two of our own treatments that we apply to lawns - our best kept secrets.

Soil Improver Applications 

What is better than feeding the grass?

Both feeding the grass and feeding the soil with a 100% natural product at the same time! 

We have achieved impressive results since adding two soil improver applications into our standard lawn treatment programme. Our coverage area includes many postcodes with acidic soils, heavy clay soils, and poor quality new build lawn soils. By applying soil improver to lawns we are:

  • Enhancing the colour of the grass through the inclusion of magnesium
  • Gently buffering soil pH for better grass growth suitability
  • Improving drainage properties through the inclusion of gypsum and calcium*
  • Aiding root development with a high humic acid content*

Lawn care services fertiliser spreader in action

A granular soil improver application via spreader for optimal distribution on medium to large lawns

*Better still - soil improver application following mechanical aeration!

We apply this product in autumn and again in spring following mechanical windows to get the very best from it. Despite us applying this at a rate double that of most fertilisers, the cost of treatment remains the same as a typical treatment cost as we know the benefits that it brings. Three applications per year is not uncommon on new builds!

Stress Buster Applications 

We don't use these quite as widely (but maybe we should be?) but we wanted to create our own treatment that could:

  1. Bring the best our of our lawns when we really want them - the summer
  2. Have a product that could cover multiple bases rather than be solely a wetting agent 

We're now having to hold ourselves back from the number of products that we want to include in this cocktail! Our Stress Buster treatment:

  • Boosts the health and colour of lawns overnight thanks to using an organic liquid feed
  • Reduces the impact of future drought conditions thanks to a residual wetting agent which lasts
  • Reduces the impact of drought and disease pressure through a high amino acids content
  • Combined with a seasonal treatment and a little water, gets your lawn summer / show / party ready! 

We make these liquid applications in our late-spring visit and again in our summer visit to provide that May - September boost out on the grass.

Again and despite being an expansive treatment for us to put together, we are able to retain the same cost as a standard treatment to our customers providing it is completed at the same time as late-spring and summer treatments visits. This again is something that we're really happy with.

A colourful rear garden with striped lawns
A large rear lawn which is vibrant green after mowing

Our Best Kept Lawn Care Secret...

Actually, has nothing at all to do with products, percentages of this, percentages of that, 'exclusivity' deals with fertiliser suppliers, custom made blah blah blah... Anyone can copy that.

It's the people recommending the services - our team. 

That's something that can't be copied. 

We are fortunate to have a passionate team that care about our customers and getting the best from their lawns. The above options are just options in us providing a tailored treatment programme which gets the very best from a lawn care budget. 

Jack Chapman | Kingsbury Lawn Care
Stan Wallis | Kingsbury Lawn Care
Olivia Redfern | Kingsbury Lawn Care

Spring '24 team clockwise starting top left: Jack, Stan, Olivia, Lee, Mark, Paul

Paul Reeves | Kingsbury Lawn Care
Mark Walker | Kingsbury Lawn Care
Lee Simmonds | Kingsbury Lawn Care

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