What Does A Lawn Care Service Do On a Frozen Day?

Not every day is the best day for a lawn care service to operate in the UK. When frost or extreme conditions hit, we occasionally get grounded and are unable to make a difference to lawns for a short while. 

This post looks at the five key areas of our lawn care service that we work on when we’re not out applying treatments...

1. The Lawn Service Office Doesn't Sleep!

Just because we can’t service any lawns on a frozen or snowy winter's day, it doesn’t mean that we can't make a great deal of positive change from the office. The workload actually often increases due to the rescheduling of calls to more suitable dates for our moss control treatments. 

When it is very cold, or unsafe to be on the roads, our technicians also muck in with some office tasks. This helps us to get ahead of the game in preparation for spring. 

This image is of a lawn which benefits from a lawn care service but is covered in frost where in the shade

2. Other Ways We Can Help From The Office... 

Time away from lawns means that we are able to provide our customers with that little bit of extra attention over the phone or via email. For instance, our technicians may have a number of quotes to send or recommendations to follow up on.

As some other lawn service providers do, we could send our technicians home early and expect them to make up the hours when the weather is fairer. However, I don’t believe that this is fair – none of us can control the weather! Whilst we would much prefer to be out on lawns and with our customers, these tasks are vital to ensure the safe and effective operations at Kingsbury Lawn Care.

3. Servicing of Machinery, Spreaders and Sprayers

This image is of three lawn aerators which are serviced and ready for work on lawns

The autumn is a very busy season for us - it's often well into December before we are hit with any bad weather. 

As lawn specialists, we have a fleet of machinery that has been worked hard across the autumn in turning lawns around with our renovation services. All of this kit doesn’t look after itself, and we’re often grateful for a couple of days of downtime just to get the basics completed and set our unit straight! 

All of our equipment, including spreaders and sprayers, will be in need of some TLC by the latter stages of the year. It is vitally important that we service this kit so we can be achieving high standards as soon as we can get back to lawn treatments. 

More to this, at the yard we can assess levels of PPE, along with stock levels of other tools and equipment should there be the need to re-order. A day or two of frost also gives us time to check and clean vans.

4. Recalibration of Sprayers

As a Lawn Assured Accredited company, all of our lawn technicians (and the whole team for that matter) achieve a minimum benchmark of CPD (continuous professional development) points with the aim of keeping us at the forefront of the industry and up to date with best practice. 

Sprayers are recalibrated in line with walking paces, flow rates and spray widths. This is also done alongside online CPD accredited modules to keep our team safe when out on the road as lone workers. Best practice for our lawn care services and the health and safety of our team, customers and the general public is paramount. 

5. Team Meetings and Future Planning

A frozen day is a great time to get together for a team meeting or some 1-2-1’s. Our best ideas always come from the group, meaning that we can workshop new services, product changes and ways in which we can enhance the experience of our customers.

I’m a huge believer of investing in our people, and across the winter months this can include the development of new skills through courses and training, group training sessions and conferences or workshops.

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