Who Are The Best Lawn Care Service Providers in the West Midlands?

Each year at Kingsbury Lawn Care we meet with hundreds of homeowners across much of the West Midlands. Many of our customers appreciate that we are well connected across the lawn care industry, and I often get asked who are some of the other lawn care services in the area. Some customers don't realise that there is more to the lawn care industry than GreenThumb – I have been told in person by a customer of ours that they genuinely thought GreenThumb were the only provider of lawn care services! 

I’m not one to shy away from being honest and would much rather our customers be as fully informed as possible. Therefore, here is a list of some of the companies that I believe have solid foundations as a lawn care service within our coverage area:

A healthy green lawn which has benefitted from a recent treatment with a clear blue sky too

1. TopGrass

TopGrass are the UK’s largest independent lawn care service, with their main base near Rugby. TopGrass were formed in 2003 by Tom Arnold and Ian de Courcy, and since then they have grown to employ a team of 30 (Companies House, 2022). They serve a large (by our standards) area across the Midlands and also the South East from their Essex base.

 The TopGrass attitude towards fellow lawn care services is one of openness and helpfulness. This is best reflected in that I have visited the TopGrass Rugby HQ more than any other lawn care company. Examples being working alongside Tom on the UK Lawn Care Association (UKLCA) committee and us joining a TopGrass health and safety training day with members of their team back in 2019. 

Tom Arnold has, for many years now has provided a lot to the UKLCA - whether that be in his committee roles or the presentations he shares with the membership. To build the size of customer base which they have and become the largest independent in the UK shows that they are doing some good things on the other side of Coventry.

2. Greensleeves Leicester West

You may be surprised to see that I've put a franchise on the list - but allow me to elaborate! 

Every franchise branch is its own small business, run by a person, but within the framework of that franchise. Since taking this branch on, Alex Frith at Greensleeves Leicester West has grown the customer base and provides exceptional customer service. As an ex-greenkeeper, Alex definitely than knows his way around a lawn and as a small operation he is one of the very best, no doubt about it. 

Greensleeves have been trading for 25 years and were recently acquired by Neighbourly. It will be interesting to see where an American influence takes the company from here – Neighbourly clearly see promise in Greensleeves' solid reputation to date.

3. Greener Gardens Lawncare

Greener Gardens (Cannock) are a small but up and coming lawn care service covering Lichfield, Walsall and Sutton Coldfield. 

A fellow UK Lawn Care Association member, Nicola is committed to providing the best for her customer base. In 2023, Nicola joining forces with Ellis Adderley forming a new limited company, and they have since been working hard to expand their lawn care operation. Although they may not have as much history behind them as other examples here, this one is my tip to be heard about for all the right reasons in the future.

4. Ideal Lawn Care

Ideal Lawn Care have been trading since 2005, and as a limited company since 2017. Their team of 7 (Companies House, 2023) cover their base town of Sutton Coldfield for lawn care services, as well as Walsall, Lichfield and Solihull. 

I don’t know much about Ideal as they've not been members of the UK Lawn Care Association for a number of years. However, since 2005 they have created a business with size similar to our own - if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

An attractive green lawn benefiting from a lawn care service

A Word for Further Independents

I could continue to mention many other independent lawn care services, but without personal knowledge, Companies House records (with many being sole trader businesses) or social media scrolling I would be getting into the territory of an educated guess - and I wouldn’t wish to share any incorrect information. 

Other local independents that specialise in lawn care include but are not limited to:

Deep Green Lawns

Lawn Therapy

The Green Standard


Central Lawn Care

Green Lawns UK

The Staffordshire Lawn Care Company

A Word for GreenThumb Lawn Treatment Services

GreenThumb are the largest lawn care service provider in the UK – and by a distance as well, with around 220 branches providing them with nationwide coverage. The majority of these branches are operated as franchises, with some now controlled from their North Wales HQ.

They have been and continue to be fantastic for the industry - they raise awareness of the lawn care sector with the public. Not only this, but they have also helped in raising standards through working with BASIS on the launch of the BASIS Lawn Assured Scheme.

Other Resources for Selecting a Lawn Care Service

The UK Lawn Care Association

The UKLCA is made up of around 100 independent lawn care providers from across the UK who are committed to a code of conduct and best practice, along with ongoing learning and development for the benefit our our customers and their lawns. You can input your postcode to see member companies within your area.

BASIS Lawn Assured Scheme

The BASIS Lawn Assured Scheme was set up to help ensure a consistently high standard of practice within the professional lawn care sector. Each company is audited on an annual basis with regards to their purchase, storage and use of pesticides. Our team comfortably exceed the annual CPD (continuous professional development) points that are required by the scheme to ensure that we are up to date with the latest industry practices.

View the list of ‘Compliant Contractors’ via the BASIS site to find these West Midlands lawn care services and part of the scheme:

  • All GreenThumb branches
  • TopGrass
  • The Green Standard
  • Kingsbury Lawn Care

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