Margaret Jeffers-Carter
31st May 2021
Lawn now the envy of my neighbours

What can I say.. Kingsbury Lawncare service where absolutely amazing. Following a dry summer and building work, my lawn was pretty much trashed. Not sure how my wife came across Jack and his team, but really pleased she did. Following an initial prep of soil, scarify and reseed, Kingsbury lawn have restored my lawn to the point where it is the envy of my neighbours. We have set up a regular maintenance program with Kingsbury and then 3 years down the road we are still happy with the service and lawn is still looking good. Don’t hesitate to engage these guys they certainly know their stuff and are a friendly bunch to boot.

Andrew Melen
29th May 2021
Great personal service

Great personal service, always willing to stop and chat. Respond quickly to change of bookings to suit your requirements. Would strongly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their lawn.

Danny Barrowclough
25th May 2021
Trustworthy, knowledgeable and enthusiastic team

Can’t recommend Kingsbury Lawn Care enough. They are a friendly family business who are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about lawn care. Always keep us updated and arrive on time for each lawn treatment. We originally contacted them to quote for complete replacement of two lawns (front and back of the house) which we’d tried to improve ourselves over a couple of years. When Jack came and did the initial survey he said there was no need, even though we thought they were beyond recovery. After only one treatment they were like different lawns. We now have a regular treatment schedule giving us beautiful healthy grass, the clover and weeds are all gone and the moss is well controlled. Stan has done the last couple of treatments and aeration, he has a lot of experience and is equally as knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic as Jack. So pleased we decided to go with the initial recommendation from Jack it has saved us a lot of money. I’m sure there are companies who would have simply done as we asked and charged accordingly.

Joe Tambe
22nd May 2021
Very pleased

I have used Kingsbury Lawncare for 3 years and I have been very pleased with the quality of service.

Tracey Cooper
21st May 2021
Professional, Friendly and Adaptable

Highly recommend Kingsbury Lawn Care. They offer a professional & friendly service with a personal touch adapted to my garden needs.

Phil Cole
19th May 2021
Excellent end of season renovation

I would like to say how pleased I was with the end of season renovation work that Jack and his team at Kingsbury Lawn Care you did last year on the square at Weoley Hill Cricket Club. The square came back extremely well with an excellent covering of grass. Would recommend them.

Nigel Dunnill
17th May 2021
Great service, visible results

First year we have used this service which was recommended by numerous neighbours. Great service, visible results on our lawns. Lush and green

Geoff G
16th May 2021
Excellent results, help and advice

I'm more than happy to recommend Kingsbury Lawn Care to look after anyone's grass. I'm now into my second season of using their services and the results have been excellent. They are professional and friendly and also reliable and fair. The photo I include is of our back garden. Maybe not the best of photos but I think you can tell it's nice, green and healthy. You would be hard put to it to find any weeds or moss. The rain of the past few weeks has also helped a lot. Yes! It does need cutting but I have an excuse. I do have the mower on a high cut anyway but I had the "spring weed and feed treatment" yesterday and the advice in not to cut for three or four days after. Finally can I thank and mention Jack for his personal help and advice. The service from this business is, as I say, excellent so if you are thinking about getting someone to improving your lawn these are the people to go to.

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