Lawn Care Services

Many UK lawns are plagued by common issues such as weeds, moss, patchy colour or weak growth, and that’s mostly thanks to our predominantly cool, damp climate.

But the good news is everyone can have that picture perfect, lush green oasis to look out onto and enjoy – all it takes is a bit of professional TLC.

Our lawn care services are affordable and effective, giving you a lawn to be proud of all year round. And the best bit? You don’t have to buy any more ineffective products or spend any more time researching how to get the perfect lawn.

In fact, if we’re looking after your lawn, you don’t have to worry about it at all, other than mowing – and we’ll even advise you when to do that and what length to cut it to.

Caring for your lawn the sustainable way

Lawns need to be looked after all year round to help them reach their full potential. They need feeding at optimum times throughout the seasons to make sure the grass is thick and to give it that beautifully vibrant green colour we all desire.

If you’re using store-bought products to do it yourself, the chances are you’re not getting the results you want. That’s because DIY products only give your lawn a short-term boost.

The fertilisers we use are slow-releasing and, when applied at the right time of year, ensure your lawn gets the nutrition it needs to support healthy growth and recovery all year round.

A high quality fertiliser programme also helps keep weeds and moss at bay, reducing the need for other chemical interventions.

Large Lawn Services
Large Lawn Transformation

Want to enjoy your garden again?

Within our first visit we include a complimentary lawn survey (worth £75) to see what your lawn needs and investigate the underlying causes of any particular issues. We’ll then make recommendations about the best course of action, which could involve essential lawn treatments or repair such as lawn scarification, lawn aeration, over seeding, weed control or moss control.

Once we have a good starting point, our annual Lawn Care Treatment Programme offers an unrivalled level of essential care for every garden, through just five visits per year, our lawn care services are second to none.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme

Treatment 1

Spring Starter fertiliser & moss control

Treatment 2

Early-Summer fertiliser & weed control

Treatment 3

fertiliser & weed review

Treatment 4

Autumn Soil improver & moss control

Treatment 5

Winter Moss control & conditioner

By trusting Kingsbury Lawn Care with your garden, you’ll benefit from:

  • Passionate and qualified technicians – we're a small, experienced team who love what we do
  • Accredited experts – we’re a BASIS Lawn Assured company and members of the UK Lawn Care Association - along with being Federation of Small Businesses West Midlands Awards Winners!
  • Bespoke condition reports following every visit – benefit from our monthly lawn updates and unlimited office support should you need it
  • Only pay for what you need – we’ll never recommend a treatment that isn’t necessary
  • Safe and responsible use of herbicides – we only use these where it’s essential for your lawn 
  • Water conserving treatments – improving the water retaining efficiency of your lawn
  • Mechanical specialists – our lawns benefit from industry leading machinery for improvements that last

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