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Providers of Expert Lawn Care in Nuneaton and surrounding areas

Is your Nuneaton lawn letting your garden down with moss, weeds, bare patches or unhealthy grass?

Kingsbury Lawn Care are your local lawn care specialists established in 2015 by founder Jack Chapman. After many years of providing lawn services prior, he felt there was a need for a lawn care company which could create and maintain amazing lawns, and that could keep customer care at the core of its lawn care service

Today, we are humbled that over 1,200 customers agree and many of those happy customers we serve are in and around Nuneaton, with our service also covering nearby Bedworth and Bulkington, along with a number of other surrounding villages.

Our Lawn Care Treatment Programme is made up of an industry-leading eleven lawn treatments across five visits per year which includes:

  • Controlled release fertiliser applications
  • Granular soil improver applications
  • Three moss treatments
  • Professional weed control treatments

After several years of continuous improvement, our lawns treatments are packed with maximum value and benefit to the largely clay based soils that are present in and around Nuneaton for a lawn to be proud of.

In recent times our Nuneaton lawns have been looked after by likeable technician Mark Walker being based locally in Hartshill. With our yard based in CV9 Nuneaton is a main service area of ours. Your lawn could not be in better hands!

This image is of a rear lawn on Lutterworth Road in Nuneaton which is very healthy thanks to our lawn services. The grass is striped with trees in the background

The Lawn Repair and Renovation Specialists

Our customers benefit from our range of machinery and extensive knowledge when it comes to mechanical lawn care operations. Many customers see the value in our Lawn Repair and Renovation Service made up of scarifying, aerating and overseeding in their first year with us which is ideal for bringing tired lawns up to scratch. Both spring and autumn seasons are fantastic for this.

By trusting Kingsbury Lawn Care with your Nuneaton lawn, you’ll benefit from:

  • Passionate and qualified technicians – we're a small, experienced team who love what we do
  • Accredited experts – we’re a BASIS Lawn Assured company and members of the UK Lawn Care Association - along with being Federation of Small Businesses West Midlands Micro Business of the Year Awards Winners!
  • Bespoke condition reports following every visit – benefit from our regular lawn updates and unlimited office support should you need it
  • Only have what you need – we’ll never recommend a treatment that your lawn isn't going to fully benefit from
  • Safe and responsible use of herbicides – we only use these where it’s essential for your lawn
  • Water conserving treatments – improving the water retaining efficiency of your lawn
  • Mechanical specialists* – our lawns benefit from industry leading machinery for improvements that last

*Annual aeration comes recommended by Mark on the clay soils commonly found in Nuneaton postcodes. This mechanical spiking of lawns aids drought tolerance, surface drainage and root development - all vital for a lawn to thrive. Equally, applications of Soil Improver are perfectly timed following aeration to continue the process in 'fertiliser form'. 

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The great news is that we visit Nuneaton and the surrounding areas on a regular basis having served happy customers in the area for several years.
It would be great to discuss how we can help. 

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