Lawn Treatment Service in the News!

It's been quite a couple of years at Kingsbury Lawn Care and a busy spring 2022 with record spring lawn renovations completed. We love feedback from our customers so we can continue to improve, but this year we've been in the press as they have caught up with our recent success at the FSB Awards!

You can catch up with the full story below...

Leading Lawn Treatment Service!

The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) is the recognised trade body for small businesses - a not-for-profit organisation who work to lobby Government, provide networking opportunities, events and cost effective benefits such as HR support for small businesses across the UK. Through our membership of the FSB we were aware of the FSB Awards which were to be held this spring following a year out due to the pandemic.

We haven't been strangers to winning awards in recent years with us double winners of 'Trades Business of the Year' at the Tamworth Business and Community Awards and a Theo Paphitis 'Small Business Sunday' winner in 2020.  

The FSB Awards are made up of 11 fixed award categories, with 12 regional finals held across the UK in March and April. These categories include those such as 'Start-Up of the Year', 'Family Business of the Year', and 'High Growth Business of the Year' amongst others. The FSB Awards are open to all, with many non-members part of the finals also. Full information can be found on the FSB Awards website. 

To be classed as a 'Micro Business', a company must be made up of a team of 10 or less, and for the purpose of the West Midlands Awards, be based in the area. Even with this is mind, we are half the size of many others in this category! Just to make the shortlist was a success in our eyes.

This image is of our founder Jack Chapman with an award for Kingsbury Lawn Care as a leading lawn care companyFounder Jack Chapman at the Forest of Arden Hotel with the FSB West Midlands Award for 'Micro Business of the Year' 2022 

Micro Business of the Year 2022

With the standing and the reputation of the FSB, and with there being no awards in 2021, we were delighted to have made the shortlist of five leading regional micro businesses for this award. We were now in a place to be sharing the stage with leading small businesses from across the West Midlands, with 'Micro Business' open to all industries, not just trades. 

The West Midlands Regional Final was held at the Forest of Arden Hotel, in late March. The judges were looking for high growth over the last two years, and a sustainable business model - two things which we back ourselves on. Even with a shortlist containing impressive finalists twice our size, within minutes we were called up to the stage to accept the first award of the afternoon, with a visibly shocked Jack working his way through a conversation with MC Dave Sharpe! 

Not just had we been named the West Midlands Micro Business of the Year, but this means something else also...

This image is of the full Kingsbury Lawn Care Lawn Treatment Experts team with their vans and specialist lawn services equipment

Our team of four responsible for our recent success. The drive, passion and belief in our vision from our team has been pivotal in earning a place in a national final of this standing

FSB National Finals - Glasgow

All regional winners, from the 11 categories and from the 12 regions progress to the National Finals in Glasgow on Thursday 18th May 2022. This was getting quite big on us quickly! 

We will be joining some outstanding small business and individuals including the 11 fellow West Midlands winners along with leading micro-businesses from across the UK to celebrate our successes of the last two years. Fellow winners include Dragons Den investment and celebrity endorsement from Johnny Vegas - and that's just the micro-business category! We are going to be keeping fantastic company.

With celebrities in mind, it has been announced that the hosts for the UK Finals are Clare Balding and JJ Chalmers. It's going to be an incredible event to be a part of. 

What Next?

With our trip north of the border this month, we are very grateful to the team at Pro Lawn to have invited us for a best practice visit. Pro Lawn are UK Lawn Care Association colleagues of ours and are the largest independent lawn care provider in Scotland - one of the largest in the UK who have been in the the lawn care industry for 20 years.  

This image is advertising the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards UK Final to be held Thursday 19 May 2022
This image is one of the Tamworth Herald with a full page dedicated to the story of Kingsbury Lawn Care becoming an award winning lawn care company

Local Press

With our successful first half of 2022 you may have read about how our service has evolved over the last decade within some of the local press. Our founder Jack Chapman spoke to Linda Ram about the very early days of Kingsbury Lawn Care, and how the business developed into a lawn treatment service while he was still at university, what motivates him to help others and an an insight into the next 12 months. 

Along with making the good old fashioned print media of the Tamworth Herald, we have made the cut for a number of local media outlets too:

Pitchcare (might we make the cut for the magazine too?)

Business in the Midlands

Business Mondays

Small Business Sunday

Can We Help?

We continue to help and delight an increasing number of homeowners across the West Midlands. We are extremely proud of our customer reviews along with our recent FSB Awards success. 

Our experienced team enjoy tailoring a programme to get the best from your lawn, and the best value from a lawn care service - if this be a large formal lawn, or just cost effective improvement of a family lawn. If we are able to help please feel free to submit a contact form below, or speak to us now on 01827 826123.