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Here, I share with you my lawn care insights based on years of study and on what we are seeing with our lawns at the present time. I’ll add in some news from the world of Kingsbury Lawn Care, the occasional sports turf post, and maybe a bit on the wider industry and business development too.

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Top Tips for Managing Your Lawn During a Drought

As much as we enjoy summer, providing lawn care services during a dry summer can be a little more challenging. Green lawns are not always possible when there is a lack of moisture and hot, long days. However, it is not the time to give up on your lawn as this may make the problem worse.

Award Winning Lawn Treatment Service!

We are delighted to have maintained our record as an Award Winning Lawn Treatment Service - this time as FSB West Midlands Micro Business of the Year 2022 winners! We now progress to the National Finals in Glasgow with fellow regional winners.

Lawn Care for Weed Grasses

Weed grasses can be tough to manage in domestic lawns. Minimising their opportunity to thrive, rather than complete eradication should be a realistic objective when working with a lawn care service. Read on for our top tips for the control of weed grasses in your lawn.

Lawn Aeration Benefits

Air is vital to everything that lives - and plants are no different, including grass! The problem with aerating lawns is that homeowners don't see the benefits of this process quickly like we do with typical treatments, and with the benefit being seen below the surface of your lawn. The process of lawn aeration (lawn spiking) delivers medium to long term benefits to your lawn which are not to be avoided! 

Lawn Care From Across The Border

This blog post comes courtesy of Dan at Dan Frazer Gardening. He has been running his lawn care and garden maintenance business since 2009 and has always tried to keep his business moving forwards. Here are some of his tips to help you have a great lawn.

New Build Garden Problems

New build gardens can be very difficult to manage. Within this post we look to explore why this is and look towards cost-effective solutions, along with more extreme methods!