Lawn Aeration Benefits

Air is vital to everything that lives - and plants are no different, including grass! The problem with aerating lawns is that homeowners don't see the benefits of this process quickly like we do with typical treatments, and with the benefit being seen below the surface of your lawn. The process of lawn aeration (lawn spiking) delivers medium to long term benefits to your lawn which are not to be avoided! 

Lawn Care From Across The Border

This blog post comes courtesy of Dan at Dan Frazer Gardening. He has been running his lawn care and garden maintenance business since 2009 and has always tried to keep his business moving forwards. Here are some of his tips to help you have a great lawn.

New Build Garden Problems

New build gardens can be very difficult to manage. Within this post we look to explore why this is and look towards cost-effective solutions, along with more extreme methods!

Five Steps for Lawn Moss Control

Moss is a constant threat on our lawns when conditions allow. In comparison to sports pitches which often gain adequate light in winter months, our lawns are surrounding by buildings, walls, fences and trees blocking light to our lawns and thereby increasing the risk of moss development.