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Here, I share with you my lawn care insights based on years of study and on what we are seeing with our lawns at the present time. I’ll add in some news from the world of Kingsbury Lawn Care, the occasional sports turf post, and maybe a bit on the wider industry and business development too.

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An All-New Lawn Fertiliser Programme!

It has been anything but a quiet winter so far! We have been working on some fantastic fertiliser upgrades for our customers for a number of months now, ready for 2023. We explain all within this article. 

Huge Efforts Almost Complete from Lawn Specialists


We raised a huge £5,500 for Cancer Research UK, with huge thanks to our customers and wider industry connections. Within this article Linda Ram speaks to Jack to find out what happened on the streets of London and shares what comes next for Kingsbury Lawn Care. 

Autumn Lawn Care Secrets

As the days get shorter, it can get tougher for your lawn to thrive. Decreasing temperatures and strength of the sun means that our lawns will lose colour with the remainder of our gardens if our maintenance doesn't change with the seasons too. These are are our Autumn Lawn Care Secrets.