Our Promise, Your Promise

Award Winning Lawn Care

(No Contracts – Just Our Promise and Your Promise)

Our core values revolve around fairness, people and results.

We will:

  • Send you visit reminders, and stay true to our word. Unless the weather conditions are unsuitable for your visit, we’ll be there
  • Provide clear quotations with as much additional information as you could require 
  • Be open and honest with what is needed to achieve your objectives, and over what timescales
  • Provide fairness in pricing based on lawn size – we don’t believe you want to haggle
  • Send condition reports with every visit, so regardless of if you are at home you gain our feedback 
  • Provide a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason our leading products and processes aren’t getting the results you desire then we will want to investigate
  • Review our pricing each winter so we can adapt to inflation and market challenges. This review will take preference over quotations unless stated otherwise.
  • Seek to build a lasting relationship. Not only does our service improve the look and condition of your lawn but with this extra layer of maintenance it sustains it in the long run too. We’re proud that on average customers use our service for 5 years or more!

Terms & Conditions

Now, we know that almost no one reads Terms and Conditions. However, we do advise  you to read them in full. It isn't a big document, promise!

We have put together a stripped back version for you below. Here is other half of the deal – the one that we need from you:


Our terms are 7 days. We have the technology to automate monthly payments if you would like us to take this life admin task off your hands. If you do not keep to these payment terms, we have to send emails reminding you about your outstanding invoice, diluting all the good lawn care stuff, and possibly even suspending service. It’s not our style – we’re entering into this partnership with the 100% aim to help you so please help us too.

Lock Outs

We will always let you know that we are coming at least 14 days in advance with a couple of reminders too. If you’re not going to be around on the day that is ok – we just need access to your lawn. If we can’t service your lawn due to us being locked out then there is a 50% charge of the planned service cost, with a minimum charge of £25 inc. VAT. Lock outs cost us in time and fuel, but they also mean that they prevent us from servicing a customer that did want to see us that day.


We never want to see you cancel service. We're proud that on average our customers stay with us for over 5 years(!), but understand that sometimes a visit date is not possible. In the event of needing to move or cancel a visit, we ask for you to let us know off the back of our first two visit reminders. If you choose to cancel a visit within 3 working days of a planned treatment, there will be a 50% charge of the planned service cost with a minimum charge of £25 inc. VAT. Ultimately, we could have given another customer this visit date, or maybe even a member of our team a well earnt day off. 

Your Lawn

We require lawns to be kept clear of leaves as much as possible during the autumn / winter period. This one impacts all lawns differently dependent on tree cover, but a lot of leaves can prevent treatments, or at best impact their effectiveness. Please help us to help you with regards to leaf clearance. As with lock outs, if we are unable to treat then we will have to charge to cover our costs.

Our Treatments

Our advice is not to mow for 2-3 days following any of our treatments, and not for 2 days before a summer treatment to improve the impact of our weed control products. Before scarification, please mow as close to our booked visit as you can and on a lower setting if possible so we can attack the thatch layer. This is all with job quality in mind - we want you to get the very best from our service.

As you know there are no contracts – you can cancel our service at any time and we are confident that you won’t want to. On the flipside, this also means that we aren’t forced to service customers who do not stick to these basics and therefore we are unable to help effectively. Please help us to help you.