Your Lawn Survey

Award Winning Lawn Care

Creating a plan

We can’t put together the best course of action for your lawn without first carrying out a lawn survey. To support our technician team as best we can and to not keep you too long on the day, we look to gather as much information as possible ahead of our visit so your lawn technician can focus on what they do best.

Who is going to visit you

We’re really proud of the team that we’ve been able to attract and train within our small business. All of our technicians are PA1+6 qualified, and either have many years’ experience within lawn care, or have benefited from intensive internal and external training before stepping foot on your lawn.

What to expect

Firstly, you will receive an email reminder 2 days before your survey with an anticipated time and a reminder of who is visiting you. 

We provide a two-hour time window for our arrival, but please let us know if a phone call when we are on the way on this occasion can be of help as we would love to meet you if possible. Our technician will introduce themselves at the door. 

If you would like to come out and about with us then you are more than welcome. Equally if access to the lawn areas is available then we can carry out what we need to do and come back to the door to share our findings. 

We store this information on our system and record our findings with each visit.

What we take readings for:

  • Lawn size and number of lawns
  • Access requirements
  • Soil structure and compaction
  • Thatch depth
  • Moss and weed coverage
  • Lawn age and mowing regime
  • Persistent weeds, grass types and meadow grasses
  • Pests and other issues
  • General notes

Exact Quotation and Findings

From here, we have all the information we need to generate the best possible lawn care programme for your lawn and expectations. We will both relay this information verbally and email a quotation. We can email a report of our survey if you so wish, but we are aware of email overload at this stage! 

We will carry out the first treatment as booked at no more than the original agreed price over the phone. Our online measurements are very close to our in-person measurements, so it is rare that there is a price difference of much significance going forwards.

If you are yet to do so, you can see our video testimonial highlights reel within this video, along with a number of both 'produced' and DIY videos from our founder Jack on our YouTube channel.