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A Detailed Look At Our Services

We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with a little more detail on the things that we do – some of the services that we may be recommending in person in the coming days. 

All of our products and services have been refined year on year to deliver nothing but the very best possible value and results. this video showcases what our customers think of our services:

Typical Programmes for a Lush Lawn

The vital year-round building blocks for an enhanced garden space

Standard Lawn Treatments

Standard Treatments

All of our lawns require a base level of nutrition so they have something to go off all year around. 

We use professional fertilisers which are far more cost effective than DIY products due to their longevity, along with professional weed and moss control. 

We use a mix of synthetic and organic fertiliser product to gain the very best of both worlds.

Aeration For Lawns


Aeration is the mechanical process of spiking a lawn. Aeration provides numerous benefits. There is so much goodness is most soils it just needs an annual agitation from one of our specialist machines. We have a dedicated webpage and a number of blog posts and services that include aeration – it’s that important for the maintenance of healthy grass. 

 Aeration for lawn care is recommended once per year and can be carried out much of the year round, avoiding the peak of summer and the frozen / waterlogged conditions of winter.

Two per year Specialist Treatments

KLC built applications based on the needs of our lawns from science, not guesswork

Lawn Stress Buster

Stress Buster

This is a  a liquid cocktail of organic liquid feeds, bio stimulants, trace elements and wetting agents. 

In the absence of cost effective, often harmful fungicides, this application in spring and summer is our leading solution to aiding lawn drought stress and disease as best we can. If drought stress and disease is still present in extreme situations, then we know that the stress will be shorter lived and recovery faster and more effective on the other side.

This product is best suited twice per year with the added benefit in 2023 of including Manganese - a trace element that lawns in our area are lacking. For the greenest possible summer lawn we recommend this treatment plus water.

Soiler Improver

Soil Improver

A natural granular product which contains gypsum for added calcium (a key nutrient for your lawn) and for the breaking down of clay soil particles with repeated applications. 

Acidic soils are gently corrected, and the high humic acid content aids root development. This product is best suited twice per year in lawn care, with one of these applications straight after aeration. The magnesium content (another macro nutrient) enhances grass colour. 

From our independent laboratory soil analysis, most soils in the area are naturally very high in Sodium. Additional calcium helps to release this from the soil. We see amazing benefits from this product on our largely clay based soils. 

Intensive Mechanical Work

Hard-hitting turnaround options

Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Our Lawn Renovation service is popular with new customers. As per our webpage it involves intensive scarification, aeration and overseeding. These really are intensive calls where we can really clean out a lawn where moss, thatch and bare patches are major issues to resolve. 

We can carry out renovations in both spring and early-autumn, however the results are faster and more effective in the second half of the year due to warmer soil temperatures and more rainfall to the point customers do not need to water and we’re still able to 100% guarantee the results. 

All autumn renovations also include an additional fertiliser application with their autumn treatment.

Lawn Rescue

Lawn Rescue

A Lawn Rescue is where we have the option of spraying a lawn with a weedkiller to start again, and grow a lawn in from scratch at around half the cost of returfing. 

It’s an even more intensive a renovation, where we will also apply our Stress Buster treatment, and apply an organic top dressing to the lawn. This acts to cover the seed over and iron out any minor undulations.

Both of these renovation options mean that lawns gain access to industry leading machinery, first class technicians and our professional seed mixes and advice. We add complementary seed check calls to monitor process.

Maintenance Scarifying and Custom Repairs

Just in case the above doesn't quite fit...

Thatch Control

Our Thatch Control visit was a new service that we introduced in 2022 as a single pass scarification option, followed by aeration. We felt that we needed a halfway house service for lawns that are in need of a gentle scratch for moss and thatch, but didn’t require any overseeding, or chewing into a thicker thatch layer.

The service is rarely applicable for new customers, but is a good option for an upgrade on standalone aeration to have a scarification on an annual basis when looking to maintain a fine lawn. We carry out these calls in the spring.

Top Dressing + Repairs

We’re able to customise repair work, if that be an aeration with some seed and top dressing, or adding some top dressing to a renovation – we will always tailor our plan of action to gain the results that your looking for.

Some of our customers like to carry out small repairs or even light scarifying themselves, or maybe even aided by their gardener. We often have small boxes of seed on the vans priced at £17 / £21. They're almost identical to what we use within our renovation calls.